Cultural Exchange

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the young ladies that works for Dan yesterday – Ruchi assisted with my check-in at the police station.  It was amusing, when I got into the car she introduced me to the driver as the American Big Boss’s Wife.  I don’t think I’ll ever get use to this “status” we’ve been classified.

We had some down time to talk, and it was fascinating – she is as interested in learning about the American way of life, as I’m intrigued about Indian culture.  She asked if it was true that Americans move out of their parent’s house when they turn 15.  I would guess Ruchi to be in her mid-20’s, she lives with her parents and will stay with them until she marries.  It’s still accepted & expected that parents will help/assist (but wasn’t called arranged) in finding a spouse.  I asked if she was OK with this, and without hesitation, she has no issue or concern.  She finds it comforting to know they will help find a suitable partner.

It’s amazing to see what we consider old & dated traditions still actively in play.  Yet, at the same time you can clearly see a shift in the landscape by a rapidly growing middle-class, consumerism lifestyle.

I hope to spend more time with Ruchi and meet more locals, there’s so much to learn & share about our cultures.

Here are a few pictures of the local women…


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One Response to Cultural Exchange

  1. Richard Spector says:

    I like your writing style. Well done and I look forward to more blog entries.

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