Mumbai City

Here’s a statement you won’t hear me say often…I prefer living in our “quiet” Mumbai suburb of Nahar Amrit Shakti, than Mumbai City. Downtown Mumbai, a city of 20 million, is not for the faint of heart: unpleasant orders at every turn – sewer, body, exhaust…. a noise level that doesn’t let up (I tried posting a video but can’t get it to work, sorry)… thick, moist air that surrounds and adds an extra layer onto your already hot, sticky body… masses of people trying to move about, all with a strong determination, destination and purpose.

With that said, I had a truly incredible day of seeing the city highlights, driving through the all encompassing neighborhoods and shopping at a couple of stores which specialize in high-quality, Indian-made goods. Suresh was my guide/driver for the afternoon – he was the most gracious host.

We started with a mini shopping excursion.  I was in ahh of the intricately designed rugs, bed coverings, hand-carved wooden boxes, scarfs, saris (I even tried one on!), jewelry plus an assortment of brass & silver accouterments.

We then took off for the Victoria Train station, driving through the massive street markets, vast slums and passed by some of the most modern high-rise complexes.  The drive seemed a much longer distance than we actually traveled — Suresh was a genius maneuvering through the high-volume traffic with no-rules driving.

Riding Sidesaddle

Goods Carrier trucks – they’re all over the city and so colorfully painted.

Common Street Scene

Municipal building across from Victoria Train Station

Victoria Train Station

I’m finding if difficult to accurately describe my experiences but Mumbai is more than a city — all your sense are heightened, emotions run high.  All I know is whatever image you may have, multiple it by 20 million.

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