The Thieves Market

Today Dan and I walked through Chor Bazaar, aka the Thieves Bazaar.  This market is known for antiques, clocks/cameras, furniture, auto parts/tools and “refurbished” electronics.

It’s a predominantly Muslim market/neighborhood — we received more stares than usual, with more intensity.  The most unnerving “stare” was by a young man, I’d say about 15 years old, that followed us for a couple of blocks.  I have no idea if he was curious, or if there was something more to it.  Anyway, he finally got bored and moved on.  The majority of the people within the market were extremely friendly and offered many smiles.

I continue to be fascinated with Muslim women.  When we visited Kuala Lumpur a few years ago, the women in the city predominantly wore traditional black burka’s fully covered.  In this Mumbai community it was more of a mix between traditional black and a more colorful style that doesn’t cover the face.  The eye contact made with many of these women, fully covered have a profound effect on me… such expressive eyes that communicate a feeling of warmth, a connection made between two women with such different beliefs and ideals but with respect and curiosity in each other.

Animals are a major factor in the street life of Mumbai.  Today we saw a ton of goats and a few chickens (roaming about & caged). Goats will gnaw on anything standing still or slow moving, didn’t realize they were such scavengers.  I’m still waiting to see the holy cow – which I’ve been told is the one thing that will stop traffic.

I was pleasantly surprised at how forthcoming many people were, as I was carrying our camera many offered to pose for me.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

The Street Scene: people, goats, motorcycles, bikes, food stalls, garbage, long wheel barrels carrying goods – all trying to maneuver through the narrow streets

Phase 2 of the chop shop; around the corner we saw Phase 1, cars being dismantled with a hammer & pry bar.

Feeding leafy greens to the goat.

The Tailors

The Funny Poser

Muslim women

And her henna tattoos


Curio shop

The Indian Cost Plus

Clock Shop

Recycled electronic parts

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