Home Sweet Home in India

Today is just like any day, working from home, a bit bored at seeing the same pale yellow walls and decide to go work from my local coffee shop.   Ahh, an iced cappuccino taste so good.

For those curious, here’s a glimpse into our apartment.  It’s around 900 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths – but only 1 bath has hot water.  And we just learned how to work the hot water.  There’s a separate switch that you turn on, and in just a couple of minutes – hot water.  (d’oh!)

Living Room – gotta love the fantastic couch & chair, feel like we’re back in college. We picked up a movie poster at the Thieves Bazaar this weekend, Mother India.  According to the seller it was an epic Bollywood movie, circa 1957.  I did a little more research and found it’s considered a definitive Hindi cultural film classic, still watched daily throughout India.

Kitchen – has all the basic, less an oven.  The washing machine is on the small patio, less a dryer. BUT I have to say, air-drying clothes isn’t bad, at least for a family of 2 it’s easy enough.  And we’re fortunate to have a spare bedroom that we’ve set-up as the laundry drying room.

On one of my excursions, I picked up a duvet cover.  Slowly trying to add small bits of décor to make it feel more like home.

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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home in India

  1. Anonymous says:

    Honestly – looks better than I imagined. Not certain what I was thinking but looks very Ikea. Dan will be happy with all your touches before your leave. He can look at the stuff you bought and cherish the moments of taking the troll to do some shopping in his new found home land.

  2. Stephanie Dininni says:

    So curious about your new adventures.awsome that you are sharing! I read about India having cars that run on compressed air… Manufactured by Tada. Have you seen any, they sound like popping corn.lol.if you happen upon one. Perhaps a picture. Some are used as taxis. enjoy your colorful time, and hugs to you and Dan from me and Dave.:-)

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