The Locals

Today is bittersweet, it’s my last day in Mumbai.  I’m anxious to see Sangio and enjoy the comforts of home but I’ll miss Dan immensely and the life & routine we’ve started in our new home city.   I can’t even begin to explain the impact a country, city and its’ people have had on me in only a 3-week period.  Here are random snapshots of people taken during the daily routine and meandering about.

A local street vendor making his specialty, Paan.  It’s a betel leaf, filled with an areca nut spread, a pinch of many sweet & pungent spices and chutneys.  For the regulars, tobacco is usually included.  I managed two small bites…it’s an acquired taste for sure.


Considering all the garbage you see throughout the city, this boggles my mind — these women literally sweep our neighborhood streets everyday.


These young boys were interested in the white lady and asked if I would take a picture with them.  So in return, they posed for me.  I love this picture.

Young ladies the world over, checking their cell phones.

A man in his textile booth at the Mangaldas Market

Not sure what these guys where planning but they were cooking a large drum filled with some type of gooey-tar in the middle of a busy city street.

I wish this picture had turned out better but this kid is selling garlic at the Crawford Market.  He’s sitting on a platform in the middle of his booth, surrounded by garlic and  peeling the skin off each clove.


We’ve found men have the ability to nap pretty much anywhere, this is just 1 example of the many places we’ve seen afternoon nappers.  This guy is resting in one of the busiest & loudest markets in the city, Crawford Market.

The beautiful colors of women in our neighborhood

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One Response to The Locals

  1. Richard says:

    Hope you made it back home safely. I look forward to reading more upon your return to India. What a great journey for you and your husband.

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