The Emotions of It All

I try to start these posts with a vision of what I’d like to communicate but just never know where it may end up.  I have a feeling I may ramble a bit more than I intend (sorry in advance), so with that here’s my mindset over the last month.

I’ve been back in the US for 2 weeks, and it’s been non-stop…my friend Rhonda flew down to San Diego and drove with me to Auburn to see my mom & dad in-laws, then we made our way up I-5 to Seattle.  While in Washington I found a cute house in West Seattle (moving in August), surprised my sister with a silly night of old school roller skating for her birthday, spent time with family & friends, celebrated at Uncle Dan’s retirement/b-day party, had a nice time relaxing with my Mom and getting caught up on work. This week is The Monday family vacation (celebrating our family’s 50 years!) and then it’s time to get my house packed & moved!

As the days pass by, I’ve been contemplating this post and how to write about my transition home.  I have to say, it’s difficult to express the range of emotions that continue to run through my body…leaving Dan, returning to the comforts of home, the ease of life in the USA, an imprint of images that dance through my mind, living conditions so vastly different, daily challenges Dan faces at work and home, not being with him for dinner to just talk about our day… we knew this decision would have its difficulties but had no idea about the emotional toll. We understand in order to grow, expand and open our  minds to a whole new life, a new world, it isn’t possible without sacrifices – and because of this desire to grow and learn, we will be OK.

Our new home in Seattle.  Downstairs master suite will be open to family & friends at the end of August.

BBQ at Mom’s house with Grandma, great-uncle Jerry, Uncle Dan, Mom, Aunt Jeannie, and Bob.

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3 Responses to The Emotions of It All

  1. Anonymous says:

    So good to see you on Saturday and I am so excited that you will be back in Seattle in August…love your new home, can’t wait to head over for a visit and glass of vino!!! xo Michelle

  2. As a frequent traveler for work I feel your pain, the separation is horrible, thank goodness for skype and Gchat and face timing and and and…of course none of it can truly replace a good hug or cuddle. You don’t grow if you are not challenged or pushed out of your comfort zone, I believe this is true for individuals and couples, you guys got this! PS speaking of work travel I’ll be in Seattle in September, lets grab some food and/pr wine if you are around

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